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Early bird entries for Kangaroo and Muster are open


Getting two stamps with one trip during summer time and additionally collecting lifetime experiences: A cross-country skiing journey to the Kangaroo Hoppet and the Merino Muster is totally worth it!


Both races are only separated by one week: 

  • Kangaroo Hoppet, 26th Aug 23
  • Merino Muster, 2nd Sept 23

Early Bird entries are available for both events now!

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With Lumi to the Worldloppet marathons


Many tour operators help skiers with travel packages to the various Worldloppet events. This is a good way, to only focus on enjoying the race and the venue. One of these operators is LUMI EXPERIENCES. One of their guests, Ron Sawdey from Salt Lake City, took the time to sum up his experiences during a trip to the Marcialonga and König Ludwig Lauf 2023. 


Here comes a reading sample:


"I got talked into doing my first of these ski marathons by my good friend, Jerry Richardson.  Jerry and his wife, Angie, shepherded me through my first Birkie a number of years ago, and I’ve managed to complete two more since that initial foray.  They have been a blast, and I would heartily recommend this very American experience (try the walleye)  to anyone who has a desire to test themselves in a true ski marathon.

Evidently, this whetted my appetite to take on more of these adventures, and with another skiing buddy, Cary Martin, we took on the Vasaloppet in Sweden six years ago..."

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The Lumi-Worldloppet-Deal

When booking a trip with Lumi Experiences to a Worldloppet event, the customer gets a Worldloppet Passport for free provided by Lumi. Please ask for the Passport, when booking a trip. 

You can find more benefits for Worldloppet Passport Holders here

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The Engadiner 2023 - A Summary


The lack of snow was a big issue in the otherwise snow-secure Swiss high valley of the Engadin at around 1,800 m above sea level before the 53rd edition of the world's second-largest cross-country race. Due to strong winds, the lakes froze last minute, and then it just wouldn’t snow.

A cross-country ski race on black ice?

That doesn’t sound like fun. The LOC was forced to use uncommon methods in order to be able to offer the approximately 12,600 registered participants a good track. With large snow groomers and special cutters, the ice was roughened over and over again so that a thin but stable layer of «crushed ice» was created.

Long story short: the 53rd Engadin Skimarathon could be held over the full distance on 12 March. On a narrower track on the lakes than usual and a slightly adapted route. Due to the lack of snow all winter, the almost mystical Stazerwald section had to be bypassed and the Engadin Skimarathon crossed Lake St. Moritz for the first time in its history.


More than 10,500 participants crossed the finish line, which does not match the numbers before Corona, but is a proud number given the circumstances. The feedback from the participants is even more gratifying. Despite longer waiting times than usual, most were simply happy that the Engadin Skimarathon could be held at all.


And 2024?


Additionally, the Marathon Village in Pontresina will once again offer its visitors a lot from Thursday to Saturday: new equipment and goodies from partners and sponsors, food and drink and musical entertainment. The Engadin Skimarathon should not only be a cross-country race, but also establish itself in the future as a meeting place for all cross-country skiing enthusiasts from Switzerland and nearby countries.


Good to know: Those who register by 31 August will benefit from an early bird entry fee.

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Global Ski Marathon Ranking final standings 


The winter season 2023 is over.

All races included to the

Gloabl Ski Marathon Calendar are done.

That also means, the Global Ski Marathon Ranking has a final standing for now.


75.000 results are considered in the worlds biggest global ranking.


Not surprisingly Andreas NYGAARD (NOR) and Magni SMEDÅS (NOR) are standing on top.


But what is your position? And who are the winners of the age groups? 


Global Ski Marathon Ranking Age Group Winners



  • U20: Alvar Myhlback (SWE)
  • U25: Amund Riege (NOR)
  • U30: Emil Persson (SWE)
  • U35: Andreas Nygaard (SWE)
  • U40: Tord Asle Gjerdalen (NOR)
  • U45: Jiri Pliska (CZE)
  • U50: Stanislav Rezac (CZE)
  • U55: Anders Aukland (NOR)
  • U60: Tore Myhrvold (NOR)
  • U65: Ragnar Horn (NOR)
  • U70: Silvano Berlanda (ITA)
  • U75: Bredo Glomsroed (NOR)
  • U80: Ladislav Mizera (CZE)
  • U90: Anders Karlen (SWE)


  • U20: Anja Stolpe (SWE)
  • U25: Karolina Hedenström (SWE)
  • U30: Magni Smedas (NOR)
  • U35: Emilie Fleten (NOR)
  • U40: Chiara Caminada (ITA)
  • U45: Heli Annika Heiskanen (FIN)
  • U50: Jenny Ramstedt (SWE)
  • U55: Sille Rell (EST)
  • U60: Torunn Grut (NOR)
  • U65: Jan Guenther (USA)
  • U70: RIta Zeni (ITA)
  • U75: Ginny Price (USA)
  • U80: Nancy Bauer (USA)
  • U90: Erika Mettler (SUI)
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